Sunday, January 6, 2013

Modern day book marketing

I receive quite a few emails from my readers, who are either asking me for information, or telling me they enjoyed the book.
The most recent writer told me that he is an avid armchair historian who reads and collects books on the fur trade.
He found my book and also follows the blog, and has enjoyed the last few posts.
"I live in Edmonton," he says, "and [the journals, recently on the blog] really adds to some knowledge on Fort Edmonton."
"Thanks for bringing the fur trade history to us."

I appreciate every comment I get from readers and enjoy all of them.
There are a number of places that these comments would be very useful, in introducing my book to others who might read about the fur trade.
This is the new reality -- people don't shop in bookstores, they "shop" on the internet.
And so the author has to adjust their marketing too, to reach these new shoppers.

So, here, below, I am listing the various author pages I have set up on the internet:

Amazon Books, at, or 
Find the book and comment on it, or find the author page under "Nancy Marguerite Anderson"
Amazon is making the news right now, for removing some of the comments made on authors books.
This happens when they find that shoppers, unhappy with their purchase, post numerous multiple negative reviews -- or when family members of the author (or the author him/her self) posts numerous five-star reviews.
So be fair in your review. Post only once; and be believable.
I think those of you who have the very common Anderson name as surname, will have to be especially careful to not be identified as a family member!
If you wish, mention the blog, too. It is mentioned on the site, but I have to figure out how to get the RSS feed so it shows up (the other sites just loaded it without any special problems).
Setting up all of these pages took quite a while, so I hope they work!

Good Reads, at and again, find either the book, or the "Nancy Marguerite Anderson" author page.

Library Thing, at and find your way to the author page, which will be under Nancy Marguerite Anderson.

Shelfari, at and find your way to my author page, under "Nancy Marguerite Anderson" (or, of course, look for the book).
I think I don't have my photograph up on their page yet, but it will get there when I have the time.

The above are the major places where authors can set up author pages (and where I have set up pages).
But there are a number of other sites with author pages and places where you can comment on the book -- though I haven't necessarily set up pages yet.
These are at:
and -- I have found a positive comment on kindleboards already.

Every little bit helps, so I thank you ahead of time for your input, comments, gold stars, etc. etc. (but don't go overboard!)
Many of you are descendants of fur traders -- A descendant of James Murray Yale once thanked me for writing "our history."
Which is what I feel I am doing -- I am writing the shared history of all the fur trade descendants.
Alexander Caulfield Anderson's story is every fur trade descendants' story.

Thanks for your help, everyone.

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