Sunday, January 23, 2011

I call myself a family historian ....

... and, in truth, I am less interested in the genealogy than in the stories of the people -- some who are members of my large Anderson-Seton family, and some who are not.
In spite of that, my blog is being picked up by a number of genealogists.
Most recently the blog has been mentioned in a genealogical/archival research blog which you will find at
The mention is on date January 21, 2011.
I do not know if the author wants to keep his/her name private so I will not mention the name of the person who wrote the note to me -- the blog is listed under Blair Archival Research with no profile information given.
The blog's author has listed ten genealogical blogs and other resources, with Fur Trade Family History at number 4.
I am honored by the mention and thank the owner of the blog.
But I noted with interest that one of these sites was a New Zealand genealogical blog, and as we know, many of Alexander Caulfield Anderson's descendents live in New Zealand.
Those of you who are genealogists might want to check out Blair Archival Research's list of blogs on to see if you can find anything of interest to you.

One of the things I like most about this blog is that my readers (not all of whom are listed) are so willing to share their family stories with me.
Some of the people I have talked to are descended from fur traders or Natives who will be major characters in my next book.
Thanks to all of you for sharing your stories.

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