Sunday, June 19, 2011

Promises I have made...

I can see, glancing over the last few posts on this blog, that I have made a few promises I have not yet fulfilled:
I have said I will tell you how to look for members of your French-Canadian families who might have come west by other means than the traditional fur trade of the North West Company;
I will speak of researching your HBC ancestors, from biographical sheets downloaded from the Hudson's Bay Archives site, through Lists of employees found in various places, and by reading the post journals of the places where your ancestor might have worked.
As you already know, when I talked about the men who worked at Fort Alexandria under Alexander Caulfield Anderson, I got a lot of interest from descendants of various people I mentioned.

I have also said I am prepared to write about some of the genetic diseases which might tie families together.
That will be an interesting project, but will include a lot of speculation -- at least in my family tree.
I have quite an interesting group of illnesses to speak of, and some fairly dysfunctional people in my tree.
It'll be fun.
I'll try to fulfill these promises over the next few weeks.

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