Monday, March 5, 2012

An Important Notice to Potato Rescuers!

This is a note to all the potato rescuers/researchers I have been talking to in the last little while:
Will the potato rescuer/grower in the Cariboo please ensure that Richard Hebda, who knows about your potatoes, is at the Museum to talk to you when you come down to Victoria; I hope I can also be a part of this.
And will the potato rescuer/researcher on the lower Fraser River, who I just talked to in the archives the other day, please ensure that samples of your finger potatoes reach the researchers in the Museum -- either Grant Keddie (who will be away) or Richard Hebda. Both of these potato researchers are very interested in learning more about your "finger" potatoes.
Richard Hebda is the man who will be more available over the spring and early summer, and his email address is
And for every one else, you will now understand part of the reason behind all this potato research and blogging!
You may not know the full story right now (it is not mine to tell), but hopefully you will find out eventually.

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