Friday, October 18, 2013

My new website and Blog

Good morning, everyone.
I have been a little busy lately, as you may know.
I have been setting up a new website. 
It was such a frustrating job, and I had so little time that I finally hired a professional to do it.
It's been up and running for a while, and I have enough information on the blog that I feel I can now promote it. 

On my new blog I will be writing about the transportation systems used by the Hudson's Bay Company -- the York Factory Express, the Brigades, and the London Ships.
I will put in the rest of the Anderson information I have, including information about the Japanese shipwreck on the Washington coast, 1834.

Will I post anything more on this old blog?
I don't know. 
But there's still lots of reading to do on it, so enjoy.
It is just not easy to travel around this blog to find the old posts -- and this is the huge advantage I find with WordPress.
You can categorize types of articles, so if anyone is interested in the brigade trails and only the brigade trails (for example) they can click on the brigade trail category and read only articles re: that particular subject.

The website is found at:
My new blog is attached to that website. 

Click here for the Website.
The blog is on the right hand side of site.


  1. I finished reading this blog post first before proceeding to your new website. I can feel that you’re really dedicated on giving your readers great content. You’ve mentioned a lot of wonderful topics, and I’m sure many would enjoy reading them. People will surely learn a lot from visiting your website! Stay inspired, Nancy! :)
    Marta Terry @ Canyon Marketing

  2. Hi, Nancy. Well, you’ve lived up to your promise to give your followers interesting reads. You’ve given them great articles, so far. Although you haven’t posted in a while. Are you busy with something? I think it would be great if you share it with your readers. That will keep them updated, at least. :)

    Jean Bridges @

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