Sunday, September 15, 2013

Aha! New problems with my website....

No, it didn't crash. It works fine. But I am entering my new blogposts on the blog called while my website guy has moved everything over to a new site, attached to my website, called

Frankly, his is the better choice, and so we will go with that! Better name, less likely to be confused with this site.

It took me a while to figure out why my blog wasn't decorated -- why new blogposts weren't appearing on my website as promised, why, why, why.

So, anyway, it will be figured out and fixed, but I think that will be deleted, and the work continued in

So if you wish, you can whisk over to the other furtradefamilyhistory site and see my two most recent posts (on the wrong blog), but they will appear on the other.

It's very confusing. I'm confused, but I now I understand what's going on.

So, keep an eye on my website at
My new blog posts will appear there.
And there's tons of stuff on this blog that I can continue to post on Twitter and other places, to keep the stories going.

Thanks, everyone.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

My new website

My new website and blog is up and running, and I think all the kinks have been ironed out of yet.
You will not yet find it by googling it; it takes a couple of weeks for google to find a new website.
So to find it immediately, click on the link which I have enclosed below:
Here it is!
Go to ......

and voila.
You who know the fur trade will recognize the flower on my header -- the camas.
I will write the flower's story for everyone else who will be new to the site.
See you there!