Sunday, April 3, 2011

I haven't disappeared.....

.... I have a blog posting half written but new information is being added all the time.
I spent eight hours on it last weekend -- this weekend I had to do a bunch of work for the editor so I got no blog-work done.
In addition to that, new information is coming in from Minnesota on Monday!
I'll post it when I get it finished -- I promise!
But you might have to wait till next weekend.

Some people are telling me that they see no announcement for publication of the book on Heritage's website.
The book will be published in the Fall.
It takes a tremendous amount of time to put a book together, especially when I also work.
But I have obtained and scanned in all the illustrations and given them to the publisher, who can now lay out the book (actually not working would not have made this process any faster).
In doing so, I learned that some of the photographs, which I thought were of black and white drawings, were actually watercolors -- what a find!
(I'm sure that as soon as the book is published, I will make another marvelous find that has to go into the book.)
Permissions are still underway, and more permissions will be required when I find out what illustrations are actually going to be in the book.
I have just finished writing the captions for the photographs and maps.

The next step: the manuscript is edited by the publisher and the book laid out, and one or two copies printed.
I will receive a rough copy, which I will carefully check for errors -- this is the last chance to ensure all is right before publication.
After that I will be asking published authors, historians, and others, if they will read the book and give me cover quotes.
I have quite a good list of people and hope they will all oblige.
I think they will....

My work over the summer will be identifying all the places to market the book; where best to advertise it; who will be more likely to order and sell large batches of the book; who is the best person to review the book in local or other papers.
Because the book is being published in the fall I have missed the deadline for the Okanagan Historical Annual, but we'll catch them next year.
I will approach local bookstores to personally ensure they will carry the book.
I will compile a list of contacts who will get the first announcements -- if you want to be on this list of contacts, get in touch with me.(If I have talked to you already, you are on my list).
I will be writing articles to support and introduce the book, that will be published hopefully in local historical journals.
I have a lot of stories that have not made it into the book -- some are on the blog and some are not.
(I have enough material for another book or two about Anderson, frankly).

There's a funny thing about publishing -- I think the date of publication is the date that the book actually runs through the presses.
It's ages before the books reach the stores, a month while the author is anxiously scanning bookstore shelves and waiting for the book to appear.
A month before you can even get your hands on the book, unless you order it directly from the publisher.
I will keep you in touch with what's happening as far as I know it, with the blog.
I'll let you know when its in the catalogue -- when you can order it -- what stage we are in.
I know that the publisher is going to give the book a different title (which is fine with me). I will let you know what the new title will be when I know it myself.

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