Sunday, April 17, 2011

Voyageurs contracts from 1720 to 1822

This is a find, and one of my readers -- or someone who stumbled on my blog -- gave me a site that will be of interest to anyone who is researching their fur trade ancestry and, especially, Voyageur contracts.
La Societe historique de Saint-Boniface has set up a Voyageur Contracts Database, which includes date from approximately 35,000 fur trade contracts signed in front of Montreal notaries between the years 1714 and 1830.
It is the single largest collection of voyageur contracts signed by men of the Montreal fur trade, and the information collected includes: family names, parishes of origin, hiring companies, length of contract, destinations, advances and wages, conditions of hire, and the date of signing.
I have had a quick glimpse at this and am delighted to find it -- but its 6pm and I am tired.
But I found Beaulieus almost immediately!

Website address is:
Home/Collections and Research/Archives/Voyageurs will bring you to the Voyageur Contracts Database Introduction page.
Click on The Database is in French only to enter.
Put your ancestors surname in the first line and see what happens!
I think you will be pleased.

Thank you, Nicole, for sharing this information with us, and I will let you all know if I find "Our Beaulieu brothers" here.

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