Sunday, November 6, 2011

Good morning, everyone

I am taking a bit of a holiday, and spent a few days in Vancouver -- what an exciting city.
Now I am writing the first of several speeches I have to make in the near future.
The first, a five minute talk, is for the Author's Celebration on Thursday, November 17th, to be held at the Maritime Museum of British Columbia in Bastion Square, Victoria.
The evening begins at 5:30 and runs all the way to 9pm., and I am the last speaker.
Anyone can attend this event,, but it is necessary that you let the publisher know that you plan to attend, by RSVP'ing to or phone (250) 360-0829.
Obviously most of the people I speak to on this blog are from places other than Victoria, and some reside on the other side of the world.
But just in case there is a Victoria resident who would like to attend, please RSVP before you attend.
I think we are putting a copy of Alexander Caulfield Anderson's 1867 Map of British Columbia on display, so those of you who know a little bit about the brigade trails and the fur trade can study this map pretty closely.

So you won't hear much from me for a little while.
However I am told that the book should be out by the 10th of the month, so that you who have ordered it should get copies pretty quickly.
Tomorrow I will order my own boxes of books, and when they come will send out the books I owe to people who asked for them in exchange for use of photographs.
If you haven't ordered your copies of the book yet, now is the time to do it.
I have always asked you to support your local bookstores, and I continue to do so -- but many of the residents of the interior of British Columbia don't have a local bookstore!
In which case you go to the publisher's website at and order the book through the Fall 2011 catalogue.
(I think that's how it still works).
Some of you want e-books, and you will have to wait for them -- remember that Christmas is going to interfere a little with the manufacturing of the e-book and delay it -- probably -- longer than the month that we originally said it would take.

See you soon -- and hope to see some of you at the Author's Celebration!
The next event that will be coming up is my talk in front of the Victoria Historical Society.
After that, the book launch.
In January I will be speaking in Hope, B.C., at the Blue Moose Cafe.
When will I have time to write all these speeches?

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