Sunday, September 11, 2011

Angus Mcdonald of the Great Divide

If you are interested in following Alexander Caulfield Anderson around the Fort Colvile district, then I suggest that you place your order for this book:

Title: Angus Mcdonald of the Great Divide: The Uncommon Life of a Fur Trader, 1816-1889
Author: Steve A. Anderson
You can pre-order this book through Barnes & Noble (I have already done so), and Steve says that Amazon will carry it, too.
Angus Mcdonald was Alexander Caulfield Anderson's clerk at Fort Colvile and Flathead House -- Anderson's children loved the man and I think that he and Anderson were very good friends, as well.
And Angus Mcdonald was a character!!!! I will write about him in a later column, for sure.

Oh, by the way, Steve Anderson is not one of our Andersons -- he is the Administrator of the Descendants of Fort Nisqually Employees Facebook page and the retired manager of Fort Nisqually NHS.
I don't know how he got interest in Mcdonald, but he did.

Here is more information on the book.
Publication Date: October 2011
Publisher: Museum of North Idaho
Paperback, 208pp.
ISBN-13 9780982522028
ISBN: 0982522038 [I don't know what the difference between these two ISBN's might be).
So, order the book -- either online as I did this time, or through your local bookseller.
Remember -- when possible, support your local bookstore!!


  1. I know a lot of Angus' descendants, most of the Mission Valley! I'd love to order this book. Thanks for having this info.

  2. I just found this. Yes, indeed, he has plenty of descendants I have heard.