Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Anderson-Seton family

For those of you who want to learn more about Alexander Caulfield Anderson and his most interesting family, I suggest you take a look at the Anderson-Seton Family History Site on
Until now it has been a private tree; I have just made it public so that everyone can view it.
The best way to find it (should you want to) is go to or and search for Alexander Caulfield Anderson (1814-1884).
If you do not have an Ancestry membership, try going to the two-week free membership that offers -- it may or may not work and it may or may not be showing, but it is an option.
It may take a week or so before the tree becomes public, so if you can't find the tree immediately, try again.
Many trees will show Alexander Caulfield Anderson (mostly trees of James Birnie descendents). Our tree name is "The Anderson Seton Family History Site."
Warning: I may make it private again in a few weeks time.

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