Friday, August 27, 2010

A Mini Holiday

I am announcing a mini-holiday from this blog.
I have a publisher "very interested" in reviewing my finished manuscript, and I am busy preparing it for submission according to their guidelines.
It does not mean it will be a good fit for this publisher, so don't get excited -- yet.
But it does mean that I have to spend my "blog-maintaining day" on preparing the manuscript for submission, and ensuring that all the maps that make the manuscript easy to understand are well made and professional.
I will return soon to continue our journey down the old brigade trail to Vaseaux Lake, spectacular McIntyre's Bluff, and Osoyoos Lake.
We can speculate on where the brigade trail travelled, whether alongside the lakeshores or high in the hills on the west side of the lakes.
I have already mentioned I had a massive mapping project in the works, and this project might answer those questions for you.

Following our visit to Osoyoos Lake, we will travel east to Fort Colvile and the district that surrounds it.
We will spend time in Walla Walla at Fort Nez Perce -- not that Anderson spent any time at that fort, but I still have one or two wonderful stories to share with you.
After that, I think, we will travel west from Fort Colvile through the Kettle River valley and over a hump of land into the Similkameen, where we can follow the Fort Colvile brigade trail west to the foot of the Coquihalla mountain range.
This is where the Similkameen chief, Blackeye, lived.
From Tulameen we will ride north through beautiful open valleys interspersed with heavily wooded highlands, to Kamloops, the centre of the fur trade.
We are travelling in circles around modern day British Columbia, following the fur traders' trails.

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